Translation and interpreting service in the areas of medicine and pharmacy

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Specialisation and expert knowledge:

You benefit from my specialisation in medicine, pharmacy and life sciences as well as from my longstanding experience in health care translations.

Native speaker competence :

I primarily translate into my mother tongue languages, German and Russian and always pay attention to the sensibilities and cultural background of the target audiences.

No agency fees:

Every translation or interpreting project is carried out personally, this means no agency fees for you.
For large-scale or urgent projects, a team of expert translators is assembled to complete the job to your satisfaction, averting any additional costs to you.

Translation Memory Systems:

With the use of Translation Memories, is it possible to maintain your internal terminology, ensuring the same terminology will be used in all your translated documents.

Translation Memory software stores all previously translated text segments into a multilingual data base. These translations can then be applied to new content submitted for translation to reduce the amount of new content that needs to be translated manually. The terminology of a project or a company can be saved as Translation Memory and easily sent via email. Subsequently, you can provide other translators or translation agencies with your internal terminology.

It significantly reduces translation time and costs!

Personal contact:

You can contact me at any time, to express your needs or to obtain information about the status of your project. Processing times throughout are short.

Confidential treatment of customer data:

All customer documentation enjoys the strictest guarantee of confidentiality and professional secrecy and is handled in accordance with confidentiality policy.
If there is a particular need for confidentiality, please request my data protection declaration via email.