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Know-how is the solid foundation of every company. The aim of the Terminology Management (TM) is to collect, structure, consistently extend and to allow the use of this knowledge anywhere. Poor TM leads to inconsistent corporate terminology and incorrect translations. To avoid these problems, all terms should always be translated equally. It is, therefore, very important to use terms specific to a company in the translation process. This is why an active Terminology Management is a crucial element of every translation work.

Due to the use of highly developed Translation Memory Systems and professional terminology data bases, GLOBAL MEDIK can guarantee an optimised translation process, maximal consistency of applied terminology and a better quality assurance.

Translation Memory Systems

Translation Memory Software stores all previously translated text segments in a multilingual database. These translations can then be applied to new content submitted for translation to reduce the amount of new content needed to be translated manually. A project or a company terminology can be saved as Translation Memory and easily sent via email. Subsequently, it you can then use it for further translation and interpreting works. In this way, you can reduce costs as well as ensuring the uniformity and precision of your corporate language.

Translation Memories should not to be confused with a machine translation that is automatically generated by computer software. The usage of Translation Memory Systems is essential for the translation of regularly updated texts, especially if your texts contain repetitive word orders or are similar to previous documents.

Examples of suitable projects:

  • Technical manuals, handbooks, product catalogues and their updates
  • Websites, software and localisations
  • Documents concerning different versions of a product

All texts to be translated using a Translation Memory System must be available in an editable electronic format.

Also, it is important to check project suitability for Translation Memory usage. If suitable, documentation must be adapted accordingly.

GLOBAL MEDIK is very happy to implement an alignment on materials previously translated without the use of a Translation Memory System with the aim of developing a Translation Memory Database for future translation projects and to increase consistency in documents still requiring translation.

Terminology Databases

GLOBAL MEDIK works closely with you to develop data bases, glossaries, equivalency tables, and terminology lists that help us put your know-how to good use. A company-specific dictionary or glossary is an essential, versatile resource that serves to:

  • consolidate your company’s corporate language
  • maintain the consistency of your documentation and translations
  • develop customer-specific terminology data bases