Translation and interpreting service in the areas of medicine and pharmacy

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I was certified as a sworn translator for the Russian language at the Waldshut Local Court, Germany. A certified translation needs an accreditation clause and the signature and/or the stamp of the translator to confirm that the translation was made analogously and faithfully. This type of translation requires particular attention and accuracy because every letter or sign may be of great importance.

Certified translations from and into Russian must be completed in accordance to the international standard of scientific transliteration of Cyrillic letters ISO 9.

I make certified translations of following types of documents:

  • Legal documents: birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates, certificates of no impediment to marriage, powers of attorney, adoption documentation
  • Police clearances, summonses, bills of indictment
  • Educational qualifications: school and university degrees, certifications of postgraduate training, employment records
  • Residents’ permits, IDs, passports, visas, immigration documentation
  • Medical statements, immunisation records, study protocols, pharmaceutical certifications
  • Contracts, agreements, notarial negotiations, balances of accounts, commercial register summaries

If you require any type of certified translation, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone (+49)07751 3063988, or send me a request for a non-binding quote.