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Recently Completed Projects

Here are some of the projects that were entrusted to me by my clients. They should help give you an overview of GLOBAL MEDIK’s work.

International Clinical Research Organisation (CRO):

GLOBAL MEDIK represented by Marina Hert is a reliable, efficient, experienced and client-oriented linguist. It is a pleasure to work with her on Linguistic Validation projects and I would not hesitate in recommending her. CM

International Translation Agency with Spezialisation on Life Sciences:

Marina Hert has worked with our company on a freelance basis. Marina has completed a total of 78 jobs since she began working with us on 08 January, 2015. Marina has assisted us by performing Englisch into German translation, proofreading and cognitive debriefing jobs and is certified in the field of Life Sciences.

European LeukemiaNet
A patient-friendly summary of the recommendations
for the management of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (2013)

Assessment of a Russian expert proved my translation prior to publication:

The translation generally is of high quality.

Link to my translation of recommendations

Industriekeramik Hochrhein GmbH, Wutöschingen, Germany

Marina Hert has excellent interpreting and translation skills. She’s always been confident and professional. She promptly became acquainted with our product and company terminology. We appreciate her outstanding language knowledge and reliable support at customer negotiations. She always delivered our translations on time and of very good quality. She is still contact person for our client, and we steadily can rely on her expert services as well as on utmost degree of confidentiality.

To the reference letter of the Managing Director

International Medical Center of the University Hospital Freiburg

Marina Hert has worked as a freelance interpreter and translator to support our Russian patients at the International Medical Services and International Business Development since April 2011.

GLOBAL MEDIK has cooperated with the University Hospital of Freiburg’s International Medical Centre since 2011. Documents translated include numerous doctors’ reports in the fields of the gynaecology, computer tomography, magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), neurosurgery, pathology, gastroenterology, radiology, internal medicine, urology, etc.

I also regularly interpret at doctor patient consultations. I accompany non-German speaking patients to doctors and checkups in Germany. Clinical environment interpreter responsibilities include the enabling of a barrier-free communication between doctor and medical staff and IMS patient/manager appointment coordination. Excellent medical knowledge, in depth preparation and fine tact are all essential elements of this work.

See IMS reference in German

Assessment of a colleague cooperating regularly with GLOBAL MEDIK:

Frau Hert zeigte sowohl eine hervorragende schnelle und präzise Arbeit als auch kompetente Beherrschung einschlägiger medizinischer Terminologie in Bearbeitung folgender Themenbereiche: Vitrektomie, Excimer-Laser-Operation, Videourethrozystoskopie, TUR-Blase, Anlage eines Ileum-Conduit und Ulltraschalldiagnostik. Besonders hervorheben möchte ich Ihre kompetente Arbeit. Die genannten Aufträge wurdetermingemäß und fehlerfrei abgegeben. Dabei erwies Frau Hert stets perfekte Sprach- und Fachkenntnisse auf den genannten Gebieten.

See colleague’s reference in German