Translation and interpreting service in the areas of medicine and pharmacy

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Even a short translation job requires project management. The translator or project manager (PM) must

  • perform a cost calculation,
  • draw up an offer,
  • review the feasibility of Translation Memory Systems usage,
  • fix a deadline,
  • inform the client on job status and
  • issue an invoice.

Bigger or multilingual jobs are more complex . A highly skilled translator must be engaged and conditions negotiated with him/her. Also, the completed translation must be reviewed by a proofreader (4 eyes principle) and delivered within the deadline.

These and other project management components of the complete GLOBAL MEDIK order process are offered free of charge. As our client you benefit from the final result and the short time exposure. GLOBAL MEDIK works closely with you to enable good communications and fulfil each order to your complete satisfaction.

For large-scale or urgent projects, a team of expert translators and interpreters can be assembled and coordinated by GLOBAL MEDIK to complete the job for you. This means, you only have to contact one person who can help you in practiceand delivers you excellent quality.

When you entrust your documentation to GLOBAL MEDIK we will analyse the work volume and maintain all reference materials and glossaries for you. Trainings can also be organised on translation tools and software for internal and external staff.

Please do not hesistate to contact GLOBAL MEDIK to satisfy your queries about our targeted project management and fundamental quality assurance!