Translation and interpreting service in the areas of medicine and pharmacy

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Translation pricing system

Translators are not machines. They need enough time to carry out research and proofreading, which should be reflected in the pricing, thus ensuring that customers are satisfied with the end result.

All translation rates of GLOBAL MEDIK include the following services:

  • analysis of original text: possible error trouble shooting
  • target audience identification
  • terminology research
  • text style guidelines compliance
  • versatile project management
  • translation by a specialised, native translator
  • consistency with source text formatting
  • quality check by the translator
  • proofreading by another specialised translator or corrector: source and target text comparison, terminology and language register consisency
  • on time delivery to the customer.

Our pricing for translation projects is determined by several factors:

Number of source words

The text lengh is calculated from the number of standard lines (55 characters incl. spaces).

File format

Translation of e.g. PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, faxed or scanned files is more time-consuming than translation of Word files. Any extra formatting work is charged separately on an hourly basis.

Specialised translations

Specialised translations involve a greater degree of difficulty due to specific terminology and as such, a slightly higher rate may apply.

Proofreeding and editing

The complexity of proofreading and editing can be very different. Therefore an hourly rate will be applied.

Urgent and Weekend Translations

A translation project that needs to be delivered in a shorter time frame or on the weekend may carry up to a 50% surcharge above our regular rates.