Translation and interpreting service in the areas of medicine and pharmacy

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GLOBAL MEDIK offers the following highly skilled and professional interpreting services:

  •  Hospital interpreting at doctors’ visits, screenings, procedures and check ups at German and Swiss clinics and hospitals.

All customer information enjoys the strictest guarantee of confidentiality and professional secrecy.

  • Liaison interpreting at negotiations with foreign partners, foreign customer consultations, workshops and professional trainings abroad, training events with foreign trainers, facility visits of international delegations, interviews with journalists and publishers, business lunches.
  • Interpreting service at international fairs, exhibitions, congresses, meetings, conferences, discussion forums in Germany, Switzerland and other countries. GLOBAL MEDIK mainly works at following fair sites: Freiburg, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Frankfurt am Main, Baden-Baden, Basel, Zurich, Bern or by arrangement.

GLOBAL MEDIK covers interpreting services in German, Russian and English. If you require other languages please contact me. A suitable interpreter will be recommended free of charge.